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Let’s help World War II veterans of Wisconsin visit the Nation’s Capital.

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Please come out and support the “fun”-raising event for the Badger Honor Flight program which raises funds and brings World War II veterans in Wisconsin to Washington, DC and Arlington to visit the WWII memorial and Arlington National Cemetery.  This posting is also listed on Post 130’s events calendar.

Print a flyer here: BHF fun-raiser invite final 2014

BHF fun-raiser invite final 2014

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This Saturday, October 4: Horseshoe Tournament

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Come on out to Post 130 (400 N. Oak Street, Falls Church) on Saturday, October 4 for a horseshoe tournament!  Fun, food, and more!

Advanced registration is $10 (ends October 2) and regular registration is $15.

Check-in and registration starts at noon.  Tournament begins at 1 p.m.

For more information, call the Post at 703-533-1945 and ask for Bob Simpson.


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The American Legion Family at Post 130

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The American Legion as a national organization and Post 130 in Falls Church are deeply tied into the community on many levels and in many ways.  Post 130 invites you to research the significance of each of these organizations.  From veterans care to fostering civic engagement, the Legion believes in a strong civil society and a healthy community.

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This weekend! Come out for the Teddy Bear 5K Run and 1K Run/Walk

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American Legion Post 130, 400 N. Oak Street, Falls Church, will be the start and finish location for the Teddy Bear 5K Run and 1K Run/Walk.  The event is on Sunday, September 28, 2014.

Please come out and support the event. For more information, click on Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center website.


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Falls Church mourns the loss of Major General Harold J. Greene

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It is with great sadness that the American Legion Post 130 learned of the death of Major General Harold J. Greene.  MG Greene was the Deputy Commanding General for the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan and was killed by an apparent insider attack in Kabul on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.  He was a resident of Falls Church, Virginia.

For more information, read the Washington Post article here.

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A great pig roast to celebrate the first day of summer!

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Post 130 wants to thank everyone for coming out and enjoying the great food at our Pig Roast 2014 on Saturday, June 21.  We had about 50 guests who enjoyed fresh roasted pig with all the fixings.  After the meal, guests also enjoyed axe throwing in preparation for the Lizzie Borden Axe Throwing Contest set for Saturday, August 2.

We also want to thank Red, Hot, and Blue restaurant for generously donating several food items to the Pig Roast.  As always, their food is fantastic and it’s a delight to savor their work.  If you’re in the mood for great barbecue, please drop by the restaurant at 169 Hillwood Ave, Falls Church, Virginia.

IMG_0774-1 croppedIMG_0777

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Update: Post Revitalization and Smoking

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On June 11, 2014 at the Post 130 General Membership meeting, the attending members voted on the following motion:

“Starting July 1, 2014, no smoking is permitted in the Post 130 building with the exception of the pool room. Smoking is permitted in the pool room until one month after the patio is renovated at which time the patio will be the designated smoking area. The patio will be renovated to the following standard: 1) debris will be removed from the patio, 2) the floor will be power-washed, 3) overhead cover will be provided, 4) the cinder block border will be cleaned or repainted, 5) outdoor speakers will be installed, and 6) in the winter outdoor propane heaters will be provided.”

A roll call vote was taken and the motion passed with 11 “ayes” and 7 “nays.”

The officers of Post 130 thank the members for attending and providing their views on this matter.  To read the meeting minutes, click on the “members” page and open the document “Post 130 General Membership meeting minutes June 11 2014.”

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Update: Post 130 prohibits smoking indoors starting July 1

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June 3, 2014
Members of Post 130,

Many of you are aware that the Executive Committee voted to ban smoking indoors and some may have concerns about this. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Smoking inside the Post 130 building is prohibited starting July 1.
  • This does not include using dip, chewing tobacco or nicotine replacement devices.
  • People are allowed to smoke outside as long as they use a cigarette receptacle.
  • Accommodations will be made outside for smokers to use the patio. We want to know how we can make the patio and other spaces comfortable for smokers such as seating, tables, and shade.

Why did Post 130 decide to prohibit smoking indoors?

  • Post 130 is about to start soliciting donations from businesses in the area to renovate the Post 130 building. Businesses are not going to donate money or materials if they know smoking is going to take place as soon as remodeling occurs. We need to show them we are serious about our organization.
  • We want Post 130 to be around for many, many years. Recruiting the newest generation of veterans requires us to make the place appealing to them which means eliminating smoking.
  • The smell of smoke is a deterrent from people coming into Post 130. This affects membership and revenue.
  • 70% of smokers want to quit smoking and 46% make an attempt every year. Post 130 wants to help, not make it more difficult.
  • Post 130 wants to be a role model for youth such as Boy Scouts.

What’s next?

  • If you want to be a part of the process or provide input, please come to the next meeting which is Wednesday, June 11 at 7:30 p.m.

Quick facts:

  • 1986: Smoking was banned in basic training.
  • 1997: Smoking was banned in all government owned and leased facilities.
  • Currently, about 30% of active duty military smoke. The Department of Defense wanted the number to be 12% by 2010 but did not achieve this goal.
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American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger testifies about the allegations facing VA before the Senate Committee on Veteran’s Affairs.

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Congratulations to the new Post 130 Officers

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On Wednesday, May 14, Post 130 held its annual elections for post officers.   We thank all the Post 130 members who attended and took part in this important meeting.

The following individuals will hold their respective positions from May 2014 to May 2015:

Commander: Bob Simpson

First Vice Commander: David Willey

Second Vice Commander: Mike Strickler

Third Vice Commander: Bob Nagle

Adjutant: Jeff Overcash

Service Officer: David Willey

Finance Officer: Harry Shovlin

Judge Advocate: Jim Custer

Sergeant-at-Arms: Mike Strickler

Historian: Walt Moore

Chaplain: John Johnson

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