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Support a veteran-owned business: Try Heritage Brewing Company

Supporting veterans should be enjoyable.  What better way to support a veteran than to enjoy a glass of Heritage Brewing Company beer?  Heritage Brewing Company is two-thirds veteran owned.  We recently ducked over to Manassas, Virginia to check out the brewery.

Heritage Brewing Company opened in January of this year and is already offering a variety of great beers in the American tradition.  They offer both year-round and seasonal beers on tap in their tasting room.

Their year-round beers include:

  • The Teddy, an East Coast Pale Ale
  • Revolution, an American Amber Ale
  • Kings Mountain, a Scot-American Ale

How can you support them?  Drop by their tasting room at 9436 Center Point Lane, Manassas, Virginia, to try a few styles of beer and take a growler to go.  Alternatively, ask your favorite bartender if the restaurant can offer Heritage on tap.  Unfortunately, they do not sell bottles or cans at the moment but they plan to produce their beer in cans in the near future.


Affordable yoga studio space in Falls Church?

Do you want to start a yoga studio in Falls Church but need to find space which is affordable?  To be sustainable, you need to keep costs at a minimum while providing a proper environment for students and practitioners.

At Post 130, we invite you to consider our hall.  Our hall is 1000 square feet and accommodates 85 people.  It has Wi-Fi internet and other accommodations.  We regularly rent our hall in the evenings but it is mostly unused during the day.  Therefore, we can arrange an agreement in which you use the hall on a recurring basis for a few hours a week during off-peak times at a rate lower than the peak rental rate.

Besides yoga, we can offer the hall on a recurring basis for other uses such as:

  • A training seminar classroom.
  • A bicycle or running clinic on the weekend or in the evening during certain weekdays (we are next to the W&OD Trail).
  • Any time space is needed.

Remember, we have some flexibility so feel free to ask us.  If you’re interested, contact Bob, the Post Commander, at 703-533-1945.

Need a Venue for a One-Time Event?

Are you planning an event but you haven’t found a place to hold it?  We can help.  Post 130 has a 1000-square foot hall which can accommodate up to 85 people.   We are conveniently located next to the W&OD Trail, a few blocks from downtown Falls Church.

Our hall is perfect for medium-sized social gatherings such as:

  1. Birthday parties
  2. Sweet sixteen parties
  3. Quinceañera
  4. Holiday parties

Our hall is also well-equipped for professional events such as:

  1. Training seminars
  2. Political party meetings (Post 130 is politically neutral)
  3. Business meetings
  4. Non-profit meetings

Amenities include:

  1. Wi-Fi internet access
  2. Chairs and tables
  3. Podium
  4. Serving and bar table
  5. Ability to purchase beverages from the Post 130 club


  • Friday or Saturday event, 5 p.m. to midnight:  $800
  • Sunday event, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.: $600

What do you need to do to inquire or reserve a date?

  • Call us at 703-533-1945 to check availability
  • Stop by and visit us at 400 N. Oak Street to view the hall
  • Review and sign the rental agreement
  • Provide a 50% down payment to reserve the hall for a specific date
  • Pay the balance in cash one day before the event or by check one week before the event


El salón de American Legion Post 130 está disponible para eventos en Falls Church

¿Necesita un lugar en Falls Church para celebrar una fiesta o reunión? El salón de Post 130 es 1.000 pies cuadrados con capacidad para 85 personas. Estamos situados en 400 N. Oak Street en Falls Church, cerca del Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W & OD Trail).

Hemos proporcianado nuestra salón para la comunidad hispana en el norte de Virginia. Nuestra instalacion es ideal para:

  • Quinceañera
  • Reuniones de negocios
  • Seminarios de formación
  • Reuniones sin fines de lucro (non-profit)

Los servicios incluyen:

  • Wi-Fi internet
  • Sillas y mesas
  • Podium
  • Tabla de ración y el bar


  • Evento viernes o sábado, 17:00 hasta la medianoche: $800
  • Evento domingo, 17:00-22:00: $600

¿Qué es lo que tiene que hacer para informarse o reservar una cita?

  • Llámenos al 703-533-1945 para comprobar la disponibilidad
  • Venga y visítenos en 400 N. Oak Street para ver el salón
  • Revise la cita y firme el contrato de alquiler (nuestro contrato es en Español y Ingles)
  • Proporcione un pago del 50% para reservar la salon para una fecha específica
  • Pague el saldo en efectivo un día antes del evento o con cheque una semana antes del evento

Made in the USA

Visitors to our website –

 Help support our troops, our veterans, and our country.  Please try to shop for American-made products.  The website below – – and there are probably others – – can help you get started.


 The bar code on a product can provide information on the country of origin for the product.  Note the beginning sequence of bar code numbers for selected countries below.

        00-13    USA and Canada              49   Japan

          050     Bangladesh                     144   Sri Lanka

          158     Taiwan                            340   Honduras

          356     India                               392   Japan

  460-469     Russia                             484   Mexico

          586     Pakistan                   690-695  China

          704     Vietnam                   740-745  Central America

          764     Thailand

 Please note:  The country of origin indicated on a particular bar code indicates where the company that produced the product is headquartered, and may differ from where the product was actually manufactured.  As a further check, look for a “made in” label on the product.

 Good luck, and good shopping.