Monthly Archives: February 2015

Boy Scouts’ Annual Mulch Sale

Boy Scout Troop 349 is taking orders for their annual mulch sale.

Mulch is a great landscaping feature which does the following:

  • to conserve moisture
  • to improve the fertility and health of the soil
  • to reduce weed growth
  • to enhance the visual appeal of the area

The top quality double-shredded mulch is packaged in 3-cubic foot bags.  One bag will cover a 3 foot by 4 foot area when spread 2 inches thick, or 2 foot by 4 foot area when spread 3 inches thick.

The minimum order is 10 bags at $5 per bag.

Volume discounts are available:

  • 25 bags = $125
  • 55 bags = $275
  • 85 bags = $425

The scouts will stack your bags of mulch neatly on your driveway, on the side of your house, or backyard.  Due to time constraints on delivery day, they cannot split the delivery  to multiple areas around your house.  Unfortunately, they cannot deliver past a 3-mile radius of the city of Falls Church.

The deadline for ordering is March 8, 2015. Delivery will be made on March 14, 2015.