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 Help support our troops, our veterans, and our country.  Please try to shop for American-made products.  The website below – – and there are probably others – – can help you get started.


 The bar code on a product can provide information on the country of origin for the product.  Note the beginning sequence of bar code numbers for selected countries below.

        00-13    USA and Canada              49   Japan

          050     Bangladesh                     144   Sri Lanka

          158     Taiwan                            340   Honduras

          356     India                               392   Japan

  460-469     Russia                             484   Mexico

          586     Pakistan                   690-695  China

          704     Vietnam                   740-745  Central America

          764     Thailand

 Please note:  The country of origin indicated on a particular bar code indicates where the company that produced the product is headquartered, and may differ from where the product was actually manufactured.  As a further check, look for a “made in” label on the product.

 Good luck, and good shopping.