VA Claims

If you need to file a claim with the Veterans Administration for a service-related claim,  Post 130’s service officer can assist you with this.  We will update this website with more information in the near future but in the mean time, you can file an “informal claim” to protect your interest and establish the earliest possible date of claim for future benefit purposes.

An informal claim can be a simple letter that basically says:

“I am applying for service-connected claim for ….  and any other benefits to which I may be entitled.  Additional evidence to be submitted at a later date.  Signed…”

The veteran then has one year within which to file a formal application (VA Form 21-526) along with the necessary evidence.  Post 130 can assist you in filing the formal application.

If you live in Virginiia, the informal claim letter should be filed with the Virginia Department of the American Legion by mail, e-mail or fax:

Mailing address:

The American Legion
Department of Virginia
1708 Commonwealth Avenue
Richmond, VA 23230

Phone Numbers: 804-353-6606  Fax: 804-358-1940

Alternatively, a veteran seeking to file a VA claim can search for accredited volunteers at the VA website.

Post 130 recommends that a veteran become familiar with VA procedures.