Affordable yoga studio space in Falls Church?

Do you want to start a yoga studio in Falls Church but need to find space which is affordable?  To be sustainable, you need to keep costs at a minimum while providing a proper environment for students and practitioners.

At Post 130, we invite you to consider our hall.  Our hall is 1000 square feet and accommodates 85 people.  It has Wi-Fi internet and other accommodations.  We regularly rent our hall in the evenings but it is mostly unused during the day.  Therefore, we can arrange an agreement in which you use the hall on a recurring basis for a few hours a week during off-peak times at a rate lower than the peak rental rate.

Besides yoga, we can offer the hall on a recurring basis for other uses such as:

  • A training seminar classroom.
  • A bicycle or running clinic on the weekend or in the evening during certain weekdays (we are next to the W&OD Trail).
  • Any time space is needed.

Remember, we have some flexibility so feel free to ask us.  If you’re interested, contact Bob, the Post Commander, at 703-533-1945.